Maximum Participation

Our group therapy walks have a maximum participation limit of 10 individuals per group. This ensures a conducive and intimate environment for open discussions and personalized attention from our mental health specialists.

Confidentiality Agreement

To prioritize the confidentiality and trust within the group, each participant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement ensures that all discussions and personal information shared during the therapy walks remain strictly confidential.

Location Disclosure

To maintain the privacy and security of our participants, the exact locations of our group therapy walks will only be provided to registered participants upon approval and reservation request. This helps create a safe and comfortable space for open dialogue and healing.

Group Therapy Walk Pricing

Mental Health Specialist-led Group Therapy Walk: Our 90-minute group therapy walks, guided by licensed mental health specialists, are priced at $50 per participant. This fee covers the expertise and facilitation provided by our professionals during the therapeutic walk experience.

Individual Therapy Walk

For more information and availability regarding individual therapy walks, please contact us directly. We can discuss personalized options based on your specific needs and preferences.

Community Walks

We also offer community walks, which are free of charge. These walks provide an opportunity for individuals to engage in nature-based activities and connect with others in a supportive community setting. Please check our website or contact us for the schedule of upcoming community walks.

Please note that our services are subject to availability, and we encourage interested individuals to sign up and make reservations in advance to secure their spot in our group therapy walks. We prioritize creating a comfortable and confidential environment where participants can embark on their healing journeys with the guidance of experienced mental health specialists

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